Chin May May

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers from Krista Island Glades guiding my daughter. She had adventure and learning through exploring. Teachers are very friendly and it influences all kids which makes them very warm hearted & caring. My daughter had wonderful and sweet memories throughout her years in Krista Island Glades.”

Angeline Tan

Krista has given our children a positive experience of school. They have fun at school learning and making friends and they have many opportunities to build their confidence through the various activities at school. The teachers are dedicated and caring. We are glad we sent our children to Krista.

Murni Kassim

“Thank you to all Krista staff. My son Iman has grown up to a more responsible and discipline child since joining Krista. As a working mother I’m grateful to leave my child in good hands.”

Lim Phaik Khoon

“Justin is studying in Krista since January 2016. I notice he has improved in his English spelling and writing, especially in oral English. I feel proud of him that he can read and understand his lesson well. I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to all teachers for their great effort, time and patience.”

Lim Chooi Nai

I feel glad and grateful that Krista Tanjung Tokong is acted as my daughter’s second home. I can concentrate working in office while my daughter is learning in Krista Tanjung Tokong as I know teachers will take good care of her.

Grace Bee Lai

In year 2011 & 2012, both I and hubby researched the Montessori Method and philosophy, visited six kindergartens in the area and finally enrolled our first boy Jia X’ng to Krista. Every early in the morning, teachers spend their time with kids whom in special needs before the morning bell rings, including Jia X’ng for the first few months. This set Jia X’ng up brilliantly, giving him a great foundation as he could read and write before starting school. Jia X’ng now doing pretty well in his primary class.  Thanks for the wonderful memories that we will treasure for a lifetime.”

Bernice Ler

“I like this school”, this is what I recalled when looking for a pre-school for my son, Nicholas Chai, 8 years ago. Krista Pusat Bandar Putra Permai (Krista PBPP) outshined several others that we had visited. Our experience with Krista PBPP has been positive all along, this is a wonderful pre-school & the kids receive the best education, love & care they can get in this age.  We are delighted to be able to offer our son and daughter this wonderful early childhood enrichment experience and also so proud & thankful to Krista PBPP's teachers and Teacher Mei for their continual help, diligent effort and guidance over the years.


Our daughter, Alysha Yasmin completed her kindergarten programme at KRISTA PBPP in the year 2009.  Early this year, we enrolled our son, Zariff Yusuf and plan on watching him graduate from the same kindergarten next year. We chose KRISTA PBPP because it is a wonderful preschool. The environment is a very safe, energetic and nurturing one where each child is made to feel special. The teachers are professional, warm and caring, and the curriculum is well structured. The facilities are fun and engaging. When Zariff started at KRISTA PBPP he was shy and reluctant to be separated from myself. The teachers at the preschool worked very hard to help us with the transition and to reassure us that our son would be fine. Today, Zariff always asking if it's a school day and he is very excited to tell us what is new at school. I have recommended KRISTA PBPP to several friends and will continue to do so.


After doing a lot of research and touring several preschools, I enrolled my daughter in Krista PBPP when she was 4 (3.5) years old. The teachers have been so patient with her, especially in the mornings when she’s feeling a little cranky (tantrum) for the first and second months. Now that she all happy and ready to go to school every morning.  No matter what her mood in the morning, when her grandmother pick her up she's playing and laughing with her friends or doing some extra reading with teacher. We love how the kids are "encouraged" to become independent thinkers and hands-on, be it in academics and the practical side of life. She often surprised us with things she learned from school. Is beyond over expectation! Is only has been 6 months she attended Krista, she has learned more than 17 academic songs, spelling from one to ten, spelling for all colors, reading short sentences, recognize most of the vegetables name that sell at Aeon Equine, count from 1 to 20, understand the logic of addition and subtraction, folding cloths, improve on her mobility and the list goes on and on….. She ALWAYS wants to go to school. She was actually disappointed it was the weekend, public holiday or school holiday and couldn't go to school. She washes her own uniform almost every day to make sure she can go to school the next day. All teachers are all very caring and have been fantastic and have time for every child and parent enquiry. Special thanks to Teacher Mei for making this preschool an amazing place for the children to bloom

Teoh Jinsern

Thank you, Teacher Leong, we saw our son improving well in terms of education as well as in behaviour. The relationship between the principal and parents is really close - like that of a happy family. We feel secured and we know that Krista is the right choice for our child. Krista is always welcoming, understanding and professional. A big thank you to our son’s teachers, and also to the other teachers who care for him and are close to him. To Teacher Hana, Teacher Khor, Teacher Sally and to all other teachers too, thank you! We really appreciate your professionalism.

Dipen P. Mistry

Aryan was a little more than 2 yrs when we planned to put him in Krista but we were apprehensive and not sure if he would ever get accustomed to the school environment. Our first interaction with Ms Leong, the principal, was excellent and we were convinced that we can give it a try. To our pleasant surprise, Aryan got comfortable soon enough and it was possible because of the friendly teachers and their superb patience. We could see the difference in Aryan’s behaviour. He was becoming more independent and was able to do and understand things better. He is always very happy to go to school and does not like to miss it. The most important thing for us is that he enjoys his school and we can say this with pride and confidence that it was possible because of Krista. Thank you.

Joey Tan

It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Thank you for guiding Ee Oi with patience.

Lim Wei Ting

Hi, I’m Lim Wei Ting and I have three kids studying at Krista Tanjung Tokong. It’s a great and wonderful time. All the teachers and staff members do a great job. The school is constantly preparing activities like trips to get the students together and improve their relationships. As for me, this is the best kindergarten in Penang.

Deanillia Nassa

As a mom, I wanted the best for my daughter Deanillia Nassa and I’m sure all mothers have the same feelings. So, my husband and I had been scouting the right kindie for her since 2013. A lot of kindies scattered around and once again we having a dilemma to choose which kindie are the best and the right one. Then luckily we found this KRISTA Kindergarten which located about 5 minutes from our home. We went to the kindie and meet the principal, teacher Jessica Tiong. She is so helpful to us with all the explanations pertaining the syllabus and the activities. The classes were properly ventilated, air conditioned and the most important the cleanliness of the whole premises. Krista did offer summer camp school holiday in December, so we sent her to the school camp. Hoping and preparing for her first day of school. During the school camp, we can see that she is so happy with her school project and the activities that been prepared by the teacher. For 2 years she in Krista (2014-2015), I noticed that she learned a lot of things and knowledge which creating a strong foundation for enthusiasm for her education. I don’t expect her to do well in academic yet for the first year but surprisingly she managed to read fluently in her English and Bahasa Malaysia. Initially, I thought that was too much for her but then I realized it is good for her! During her graduation, she had been chosen to represent her group to give a speech. Other than that, a good interaction between teachers, students and parents. Whereby, parents follow closely what is our child progress in school. Thanks to teacher Molly and Teacher Mee Hung too. The affordable school fee compared to other franchise also one of the reasons we send her to this kindie. I strongly believe that the good foundation on all area is very important. Shaping and teaching them step by step is the right way. With the guidance from all the teachers. How I wish Krista had a primary school. And surprisingly, Nichii’s dad also had the same opinion. Currently, DeanilliaNassa studied at S.K Tabuan Jaya. She did very well at her last March school term exam. Out of 32 students, she is the number one. It is great sadness we bid you (Krista) farewell. Thanks for the wonderful memories and we looking forward to sending her little brother, Ethan Josiah starting his school and daycare at Krista Kota Samarahan.

Wong Yew Kuan

Truly appreciate and thankful to Krista and all teachers for their affability, dedication and hard work in ensuring our kids receive pre-school education in a family environment.

Lim Ching Lee

The school environment is very clean. My child gained more knowledge and all Krista teachers are patient, kind and nice. My child is very happy to go to kindergarten every day.

Safinaz Binti Abd Latiff

The school environment is very clean. My child gained more knowledge and all Krista teachers are patient, kind and nice. My child is very happy to go to kindergarten every day. Thank you KRISTA for the best services given to all the kids. As my first experience at KRISTA (while surveying before I decided to send my daughter to KRISTA), I was attracted by the hospitality, warmth and respect shown by all the teachers, staffs and even all the students. The education system and materials at KRISTA give a big impact to the kids’ development as my daughter has shown. I am also satisfied with cleanliness, systematic and organised materials, building and environment at KRISTA. I hope KRISTA will continue to progress and be more successful in future.

Tan Ah Cheng

The Krista school is big, clean and comfortable. The morning playtime makes the children more healthy and refreshed. The children enjoy the month-end birthday celebrations very much. The teachers are well-trained, experienced and caring. The teaching materials used are interesting and complete. Nan Ling really has a wonderful and enjoyable learning time in Krista. Thank you.

Kua Pei Mein

Thanks to all teacher for taking care of my son Ee Zhao. He was just a 24-month baby wearing diapers using use milk bottles when first enrolled at the school. He used to cry every morning when going to school but now he knows singing, colours, shapes and will use a spoon when eating. He has got many friends and he likes the teachers here. He looks happy and always smiles when I fetch him every evening. I know he loves this school. Thanks a lot!

Zuraidah Binti Abd Shukor

I have had a good experience when I sent my children to Krista kindergarten. It has a learning process that is effective and very good teachers. Monitoring of the safety of students is very good and the school environment is very comfortable. Communication skills are very encouraging and my children get them at Krista. Best of luck to Krista and wish you all the best! Krista is the best choice.

Peggy Tan

My daughter has improved tremendously in reading and writing after only a few months at Krista Stampin. I commend the dedication and effort by its Principal and teachers in teaching and nurturing my daughter. I personally will recommend Krista Stampin to my relatives and friends. Keep up the good work Krista Stampin!

Ling How Lin

The teachers at Krista Stampin are dedicated in their work and they love the children. I am so glad to see my children come home happy and tell us how much fun they had at Krista Stampin. The compound and classrooms are very clean and neat. Teachers are very patient. The programs are very lively and my children had learned so much. Keep up the good work!

Bong Chia Chia

Our heartfelt gratefulness to the dedication and patience of Teachers & Principal of Krista Taman Centurion Kindergarten. Brendon has shown great progress and has grown up very well under the dedicated hands and love of the teachers. Thank you for nurturing our boy and at the same time, providing a wonderful and enjoyable learning experience. Keep up the good work!

Merlye Pan Mei Li

Krista Taman Centurion is has been a school, family activities centre and great learning centre for my whole family. Teachers and helpers of KTC have become part of our family. Sharing the tips of parenting, cooking and home learning has enhanced the family bonding. All the charity and educational activities are meaningful; children and I learnt more about giving and sharing to the community of Kuching. KTC learning materials are informative and suit the age group. My children learnt and enjoyed their schooling days. They are always excited to share their stories from school and we need to take turns to manage both of their ‘storytelling’. It is always a joy at the end of the day to know that my children have enjoyed their day and managed them well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers, helpers, Teacher Vicky and Uncle John for all their hard work in making KTC an enjoyable learning centre for my family. I have yet to see any other centre that matches the standard that KTC has set in Malaysia.   

Kuo Poh Ping

My 4-year old boy once suffered from a high fever that came with fits during his JK morning class. After being notified, I immediately went to the hospital where my son was sent to. Prior to that, Vicky calmed me down with a phone call to tell me that my boy has already arrived at the hospital and being treated by the doctor. I was so thankful to the teachers who were attending to my boy almost immediately. Out of my expectation too, Teacher Vicky and team also visited my boy to express their concern as well as giving their best wishes for his prompt recovery. I must compliment the risk management and response action of KTC and I have no second thought of also sending my second child to KTC although the distance is not too near my house. KTC has convinced my family that besides comprehensive early-childhood programs, my children are always safe in KTC’s caring and good hands.

Chan Lee Sze

We are thankful to Krista Taman Centurion. Thank you for your patience. We are so excited to have our kid placed at your centre. The motivation, innovation, happiness, love and creativity shown have encouraged my girl to learn smartly and effectively. Thank you for giving the best to my little girl!

Monalisa Ching

Krista Taman Centurion is like a home to my children and many Krista Taman Centurion Kids.

Wilson Nyam

Finally, my two kids finished the first stage of their education (pre-school) last year at Krista. I chose Krista because it has a very clean environment. Thanks to Krista, our lives have changed for the better. This is because we take part in all the activities organised by Krista, and we started to be active in the community. Thank you, Teacher Vicky, and all Krista staff.  I am very joyful that I have a very good relationship with Krista.  I need to say, Thanks Krista, blessings to you!

Zarema Kulbuzheva

Thank you so much for organising such activities for our children! And thank you for your patience!

Lee Paik Kuan

We enrolled our son, Jayson, for the 3-year olds class at Krista Bayan Baru. I am pleased that my son is receiving so much attention from the outstanding teachers, especially the Principal. His command of English has improved tremendously. The English content of the nursery curriculum is a big bonus as it is my dream to have bilingual children. We are grateful to you and the teachers for helping our son Jayson in his early years of growing and learning. He can now write, recognise words, reading books in both Chinese and English, enjoying playing with all his friends. We would like to thank Krista and the teachers for their love and care given to Jayson.


Our eldest son has been attending Krista for more than a year. We have observed that his reading, vocabulary, colouring and writing skills improved significantly. We are glad that his behavioural interaction has become better. Thank you, Krista teachers and staff for all the effort in creating such a wonderful early childhood experience. Keep it up!

Goon Lin Fah

Krista is a very good school with great teachers. The teachers are very encouraging, supporting, caring and knowledgeable. Had my daughter studied in this school for more than a year now and I can see a lot improvement in her. She is more disciplined, active and responsible to her work and she studies now. Highly recommend this school to everyone!

Shanti Ramasamy

Thank you, Krista, for helping to make kindergarten such a positive experience for Gayathiri with all of your patience, creativity and love. Gayathiri has achieved a lot this year. You have made a great difference for all of our children. Because you care so much about them, you have directed them to trust themselves in all that they do and to become all that they dream. My sincerest appreciation.

Chew Wee Ling

Class size is small, the teachers are patient and put in hard work and effort to teach Jing Rou. She is enjoying each and every day at school. She always come home full of enthusiasm, singing and speaking English.

Bok Khoon Nee

I have sent my two kids to Krista Bayan Baru since they are 3 years old. Started from potty training, reading, and writing, and now my girl is able to stand in front of people to tell a story. Thanks to Teacher Penny, Teacher Anna and all Krista Bayan Baru teachers who have taught my son and my daughter well.

Lee Hooi Sien

This is a great kindergarten that can really build kids’ attitude and good values. Teachers pay attention to every single kid and highlight to parents concerns whenever needed.

Yeoh Sim Yee

What can I say? For sure Krista Bayan Baru is one of the best kindergartens that I have sent my kids to! The teachers are friendly and the calibre of the teachers is always fantastic and they are very reliable. I would like to thank you for friendly, professional and quality educare.

Hazaifulamer Abdul Hakim

We have made the right choice to send our daughter here. Well done Krista!


I’m very happy to be part of Krista family. Really enjoyed the sports day today. Keep it up and all the best.

Shirley Shona

Great school with great principal, teachers and overall a good place to start initial education for the young ones.

Nina Izura

Trusting Krista with my kids’ childhood experience is the best decision I’ve ever made. Keep up the good work Krista!

Marini Mahamed

Thank you, teachers, for bringing out the best in my son – Anas Malik. You’ve made such a big difference in his life.

Azlinawati Ramli

Eidraki & Tsaqif

Having sent my kids, Eidraki and Tsaqif, to the kindergarten centre for three years now I must congratulate Krista PBPP for its capability to build up not just intelligence but confidence in my kids as well. Many programmes are conducted in the journey. What is more important is not just the programmes themselves but it is the leadership by Teacher Mei, and the determination and sincerity from the other teachers that made everything so 'colorful' and successful. In my own learning journey up to the degree level in university, never have I seen such a great team! A team that takes pride in handling task they're given. Ateam that strives to accomplish the best in everything they've been given. This accomplishments are now 'part of my kid' that he will bring with him in his journey of life. I am proud to be a part of Krista PBPP, which in my view is the best kindergarten ever and I will definitely recommend this kindly to others. Kudos, Krista PBPP! Well done, Keep it up!


Kaviesh Ganesan

At Krista Pandan Perdana, they not only place emphasis on academics but also on extra curricular activities which never bore the child in the learning process. The teachers are cautious and loving in keeping the child safe while helping them excel in studies. Thanks and keep it up, Krista!

Michelle Yap

Isabel Ooi Yo Yi

Krista Bandar Pusat Permai provides a comprehensive teaching approach that covers not only academic excellence, but also general knowledge and social skills for my child. It has the multiracial environment which consist of Chinese, Malay and Indian children and teachers as well. We would like to express our gratitude to the principal, Teacher Mei who had been working faithfully with children specifically to nurture Isabel. We would also thank all the teachers at PBPP who had given uncountable guidance and love especially to Isabel. I believe that Isabel is more confident and well-equipped with the necessary input coming from Krista PBPP and is always ready for the new challenges at primary level next year. My heartfelt thanks to all of you at Krista PBPP.

Dr Manohar Mariapan

Erianis Rossea Manohar

I am very satisfied with the school and really appreciate the feedback I get from all the teachers. I Feel good about the way Anis is progressing from the feedback we get from our daughter. I also like the many excursions and the invited guest speakers that show up at Krista Bandar Putra Permai to educate the kids. Both my wife and I are very satisfied parents when it comes to our daughter's early childhood development.