Operators’ Testimonial

Shereen Henry

“Thank you, Krista, for a wonderful partnership in contributing to early childhood development and education. I have great hopes and aspirations to do much better in this field in the future and I know that I can depend on Krista to help me realise them. Happy anniversary, Krista!”

Cadmon Ho

“I just love the Krista CAPABLE programme. It is the holistic programme for kids and enables the children to enjoy a happy childhood while developing academically through play and activities. Krista kids are capable kids and will be our future leaders!”

Rajeswary Elangovan

“I’m proud to be part of Krista. I have journeyed with Krista since I was 19 years old. I first worked as a kindergarten teacher and then went on to become a Coordinator.  I’m proud to run my own Krista kindergarten and be the Principal. Thanks, Krista.”

Siew Yuet Mei

“I have received much assistance from Krista since I became a franchisee in 2003.The Krista CAPABLE Programme with its thematic and Montessori approaches by Krista has proven to be very effective in developing and nurturing young children through experiential learning and character building in a holistic approach.”

Chang Fung Maw

Krista is about delivering a holistic education and development for the young children who have enrolled at its centre. My years as a Krista kindergarten operator have made me realise the importance of a holistic education for the children. Syabas, Krista! Happy anniversary!

Panny Kok

We wish Krista success in every endeavour and continue to do great in this education franchise business. We look forward to another 20 good years!

Norliza Mohd Hussain

Happy anniversary, Krista! An all-round Krista CAPABLE Programme for kids. A very good product with good and effective books that complement the Government Primary Curriculum. Well done!

Lim Ai Na

Krista is the most competitive kindergarten centre in Kuching. It is a very well known brand and most of the parents know about Krista brand.

Leong Lai Min

I am very happy to be committed to the Krista pre-school educational programmes. Krista allows me the opportunity to run my own business on my own flexibility and I enjoy what I am doing. Congrats, Krista!

Pang Yee Wah & Khoo Ping Ping

We have been running our Krista Kindergarten for several years now and we’re very happy with how it is going with the full support given by Krista management.

Noor Farezad

Being a successful Krista Kindergarten operator has been more than what I had hoped for. It has also contributed to a more meaningful family life for me. Thanks, Krista!

Yeo Siew Hui

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to join Krista. Krista really helped me out in early childhood education. I’m proud of you Krista! Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you!

Jessica Tiong Siew Peng

“I’m glad to have a great partnership with Krista in the last 7 seven years and may it continue for many more years to come. Thank you for providing the training, teambuilding and all the resources that are useful in the areas of management, human resources, staff and children development as well as parental involvement.”

Tan Poh Kiang

“The Krista CAPABLE Programme is very relevant, simple and easy to follow by children of ages 4 to 6. I love the thematic approach very much where creativity and interest in learning and teaching is promoted among the children and teachers as well.  This 20-year journey has proven the excellence of the Krista philosophy, programmes and practices.”

Tan Ai Li

What made me decide to start a new career with Krista was that I wanted the freedom to be my own boss and to serve children by nurturing and educating them with a holistic programme. Krista has enabled me to do that. Thanks and Happy 20th Anniversary!

Vicky Chua Boon Kee

“I joined the Krista franchise programme in 2000. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my own children. I’ve learned much and have grown up a lot as an educator as a whole in these 15 years. It’s a career that is enriching and fulfilling in many aspects. The journey I’ve gone through as a Krista operator (franchisee) has moulded me into a better person, in terms of my personal career growth, financial standing as a family person, parenting journey of my twin daughter, priorities setting as I go through different stages of life. The awards and recognitions given by Krista have instilled confidence in me and I have never looked back since. Happy 20th Anniversary to Krista! May there be much more success to come!”

Michelle Chan San San

Krista was very supportive when I started out as a franchisee and continues that support even now.

Khor Weng Shi

Thank you for giving a chance for young man to start their career.

Zarinah Abd Shukor

I have been in Krista Business for more than 16 years now. Taking up the Krista business was a beautiful turning point in life. I have a very positive experience with the Krista CAPABLE programme. It has encouraged academic success in our Krista children as well as boosted their all-round development. I can contribute to the societies in nurturing the kids with good values and knowledge. It is really part of my social contribution to the society. My congratulations and best wishes to Krista on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary.

Renee Go & Danny Hwang

I am proud to be a part of Krista family and have never regretted getting into the Krista business. Thanks to the Krista Franchisee Programme, I am able to start an early childhood education business for us 16 years ago. The past years have been very fulfilling for me and Krista has contributed to the growth of my passion for the business. Thank you for this business opportunity and Happy 20th Anniversary!

Winnie Cho

The Krista programmes I conduct at my centre are well liked by parents, teachers and kids. I am excited and happy. Thanks, Krista.

Tracy Toh Soo Hoon

Krista syllabus is tailored made according to the age group and in line with the guidelines from Malaysia Education System and culture. It is not just emphazises on academic but recognise the importance of other aspects in life. Good support from Krista HQ too!

Subashini Bose

The Krista CAPABLE programme is a must for kids of today’s generation