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Krista Kids Talent Show 2018
8 March, 2018

Krista Taman Johor Jaya


The Krista Kindergarten Programme

  • Krista books and teaching materials have been prepared according to the various learning, experience and developmental stages, optimising synergistic intelligences in the child.
  • At Krista, children at the tender age of 3 are gently introduced to the path of learning and experience in a most fun and enjoyable way using its ‘Fun’ book series.
  • The 4-year olds are a curious lot and Krista provides the opportunity for them to discover the world around them through its ‘Discovering’ book series.
  • At the age of 5 where kids have more questions than one can answer, Krista leads them to explore the ‘why and how’ through the ‘Exploring’ book series.
  • The children then progress more aggressively into the ‘Study’ book series at the age of 6. This series prepares the children for a smooth transition to primary school education
  • The Krista CAPABLE Programme is supported by Krista’s day-to-day teachers’ guide, Krista workbooks, trained principals and teachers, fun and enjoyable extra-curricular activities and the use of themes and Montessori
  • The Krista e-Discovery Programme, also an in-house computer programme which focuses on a combination of logical, linguistic, cognitive, visual as well as multiple intelligences lends support to the academic curriculum and gives the children useful IT exposure through multimedia approaches.
The Shape of Love
The shape of love

Daycare Services

  • Trained childminders & teachers
  • Safe and conducive sleep/nap time environment
  • Bath / shower
  • Lunch
  • Tea-break
  • Guided homework / creative activities sessions
  • Exciting play & fun sessions
  • Time: Monday to Friday (8am - 6pm) / Saturday (8am - 1pm)
All for the Team!
All for the team!

Enrichment Class -  IQ Math 

  •  For children from the age of 3 to 12

A Holistic Development for Your Child

  •  The Krista CAPABLE Programme is an all-encompassing programme
  • The Programme opens the door of opportunities for a child to be on the right path to an all-round education, one that covers practical life experiences, character building, exploratory pursuits, play and an enjoyable childhood and the appropriate academic foundation
  • The results of the developmental progress of your child is recorded in the Krista Kid Annual Holistic Development Report for you
Assembly Time
Assembly time
Time to be in Shape!!
Time to be in shape!!


The Krista CAPABLE Preschool Programme has been purposefully developed for use in all Krista centres throughout the nation. The word ‘CAPABLE’ is derived from the first letter of the seven components of the programme, namely Child-centred learning, Acquisition of knowledge, Practical experiences, Assessment provision, Benevolence inculcation, Learn through and to play and Exploratory endeavours. This unique preschool programme is an all-encompassing programme that guides the child within the 4 main segments of individuality, the effective acquisition of knowledge, character building and the achieving of competency as preparatory groundwork for a successful lifelong learning process.

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