Teachers’ Testimonial

Periadashini A/P Mathi Balan

Krista is so all-encompassing that it effectively shapes the development of the child’s brain. The programme can teach a child many new things and make them explore more things.

Roweena AK Romus

Happy 20th Anniversary to Krista. You are the best company in this world. I love you, Krista.

Yee Lai Bee

Krista is a well-known and established kindergarten brand in the country. It has its own programme called CAPABLE programme which most parents found very suitable for pre-school children. Furthermore, the teachers are well trained and ready to educate the children.

Rabiatul Adawiyah Bt Azman

Krista has the best programmes and I have learnt how to handle children when teaching them. I have also learned many interesting activities. Thank you for teaching me.

Tan Ly Peng

I am proud to be a Krista teacher. Krista provides much information for the principal, teachers, parents and children. Krista has been progressing efficiently.

Bavani Muniandy

Krista makes students and teachers to think out of box.

Revathi D/O Selladurai

Krista is a well-established child learning centre. Teachers are loving, capable, informative and dedicated. Krista kids are well groomed disciplined and prepared for primary school. We love Krista. Well done!

Nikki Lim Shiam Wai

Krista makes learning fun and enjoyable!

Zeenatkhan Binti Pir Muhammad Khan

To dear Krista, I have learnt a lot. Krista taught me how to love children through its trainings, taught me useful things that I can use for my students. Krista training is really excellent. Really proud to be in Krista. We love Krista.

Umadevi D/O Muniandy

I get to be the best teacher for my students. I get to introduce new things and the lessons through the Krista syllabus to bring up children well and to be knowledgeable rather than just giving more lessons for the sake of doing so.

Danalaksmy D/O Subramaniamsamy

Krista is one of the best education places for children. There can gain knowledge and build up their life.

Norli Bt Suraji

Krista centres have fun teaching method. A lot of fun activities and capable teachers.

Francisca Bong Li

Krista provides teachers lots of experiences by providing us training to upgrade and to build up our teaching skills from time to time. Well organised syllabus.

Parameswary A/P Ganesan

Krista’s programmes are really very useful for the young learner. Their holistic approach will develop the young children’s knowledge. I’m proud to be a Krista teacher.

Ranjani Anbalagan

I am proud to be a Krista Teacher. Fun and joy to work with Krista.

Norlieanna Binti M.Sultan

I am proud to be a Krista teacher.

Veronicca Richard

Krista produces capable teachers. Thanks for the training.

Yaasoda A/P Paramasivam

Krista produces capable teachers. Thanks for the training and to Ms. Judith for her time and willingness to share her knowledge.

Aidah Bte Othman

Congratulations for achieving 20 years of success and tremendous growth. Congratulations from us for the wonderful journey of 20 years of success and we hope for the same for the future.